Kitchen mosaic

Mosaic tile for kitchen is one of the best techniques to decorate the kitchen in a personalized way. Thanks to the fact that kitchen mosaics are very original and versatile pieces, they are a great source of inspiration to create proposals that break with the monotony of the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and for its reform, materials with excellent qualities must be chosen. However, that does not mean that the kitchen environment has to be sober and boring. Would you like to know more about kitchen mosaic? If you want to play with the endless colors, shapes, textures and materials that these types of pieces offer you, keep reading! At Anjasora we will reveal all the secrets of mosaic so that you can get the most out of it in your kitchen.

Kitchen mosaic

Characteristics of mosaic for kitchen

The kitchen is, along with the bathroom, one of the most demanding rooms in the home.

The materials that we use in these areas have to be chosen very carefully because they must meet a series of requirements so that you can enjoy a functional and beautiful kitchen.

This is where the kitchen mosaic plays a fundamental role.

Do you want to know why kitchen mosaic tiles are one of the best alternatives for the floors and walls of this room?

First of all, kitchen mosaic ceramics is a material that is highly resistant to the passage of people and humidity and has non-slip properties. This is very important to keep in mind.

In addition, it is a very easy to clean and waterproof material, which will prevent the absorption of grease or moisture and will facilitate cleaning.

Last but not least, we cannot forget to mention the great potential of mosaic for decoration and design.

Opting for mosaic tiles for the kitchen is the perfect opportunity to achieve a vivid, colorful and very strong design.

Use of mosaic for kitchen

Ceramic mosaics for kitchens can be used in any part of the kitchen.

For example, with kitchen floor mosaics you can create a unique and very resistant flooring in this space of your home.

But that’s not all, in addition to kitchens with mosaic floors there is also the option of kitchens with mosaic tiles as wall cladding

Kitchen mosaic

azulejo mosaico

Kitchen mosaic

mosaico para cocina

Kitchen mosaic

azulejo mosaico

Kitchen mosaic

diseños de mosaicos para cocinas

Kitchen mosaic

revestimiento mosaico

Kitchen mosaic

azulejos mosaico cocina

Kitchen mosaic

Mosaic floor for kitchen

The mosaic floor for the kitchen must be natural stone mosaic or mosaic tile, since they are the most resistant options to apply as flooring.

With the mosaic tile for the kitchen you can create environments as unique as your imagination allows , thanks to the design and aesthetic characteristics of the mosaic.

Mosaic tile for kitchen

In the kitchen mosaic cladding, in addition to using natural stone mosaic or mosaic tile, we also have the option of applying decorative mosaic.

Kitchens decorated with mosaic are among the best valued trends in interior design and decoration.

In the past, the decoration of the kitchen was not a factor to which much time or imagination was devoted.

However, today we are looking for something more functionality. We want to feel free, comfortable and represented in each room of our home.

This is one of the reasons why ceramic kitchen mosaic has garnered so many followers in recent years.

Kitchen mosaic

Mosaic designs for kitchens

In the Anjasora catalog we offer you everything from the most common kitchen mosaic designs to the most innovative mosaics for modern kitchens.

Our favorite designs for the kitchen wall are the model Aluminium , with which you will achieve a very elegant industrial aesthetic; the model Coral in any of its series (Art, Hexagon, Square, Store or Oval); the model Corten , both in gray and beige and the model Le Chateau , applicable to both wall and floor tiles if you are looking for a rustic and natural aesthetic.

For kitchens with glass mosaic we recommend the Gales , Guernica , Montblanc 01 , Montblanc 21 , Montblanc 25 or Obelisk series.

These models will allow you to enjoy a decorated kitchen with prominence but without being overloaded.

If your great source of inspiration is kitchens with black mosaic and you want to play on contrast and for one of the walls or the floor of your kitchen to play an important role in decorating the room, the Ouro Preto model is the mosaic you need.

Kitchen mosaic

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