Natural stone sinks

The latest trends in interior design postulate natural stone sinks as one of the main elements for bathroom decoration.

This is because stone washbasins achieve natural and modern environments with a touch of elegance that is very difficult to achieve with another type of material.

Natural stone sinks

Characteristics of natural stone sinks

Thanks to the qualities of the stone, a natural stone washbasin has a high resistance to both humidity and shock or the passage of time.

In terms of design, a stone washbasin is characterized, above all, by its timelessness, sobriety and ease when it comes to combining with other decorative elements in the bathroom.

How to clean a stone sink? Natural stone sinks do not require extensive maintenance and are also very easy to clean.

With water and a neutral soap it will be more than enough to make it shine like the first day.

Natural stone sink finishes

The sink of a stone sink can have endless finishes, depending on the color, texture or even shape.

If we take into account the shape, the latest trends are rectangular stone sinks or round stone sinks. Each one will give you a different aesthetic and style.

Don’t know which one to choose for your bathroom? Below we will talk about the features and options offered by each shape and we will also recommend the best ranges for a gray stone or white stone washbasin.

Natural stone sinks

lavabos de piedra de diseño

Natural stone sinks

lavabo redondo de piedra

Natural stone sinks

lavabos de piedra natural

Natural stone sinks

lavabos modernos de piedra

Natural stone sinks

lavabo de piedra rectangular

Natural stone sinks

lavabos de piedra natural

Natural stone sinks

Rectangular stone washbasin

A rectangular stone sink has great potential to become the leading element in the bathroom.

At Anjasora we have a wide variety of rectangular natural stone sinks with different finishes and textures, such as our latest MT102, Nantes or Jakarta models.

Whatever your choice, you will achieve an exclusive and elegant result in your bathroom.

Round stone washbasin

The round stone washbasin or the natural stone washbasin are the most used in decoration to create minimalist and slightly overloaded environments.

Bowl-type natural stone sinks are our favourites, such as the Zen or RS48 model by Onarea .

In addition, with the subtle and varied finishes that we offer you at Anjasora you will get a bathroom with a warm and simple atmosphere but with a lot of personality.

Natural stone sinks
Natural stone sinks

Gray stone washbasin

Looking to create a modern and stylish vibe with energy in your bathroom? Our Black Oval, RS48 and RS32 gray stone washbasin models will be your great allies.

Thanks to its finishes, your bathroom will shine with great personality, elegance and originality.

White stone washbasin

The white stone washbasin is mainly characterized by its simplicity. But this does not mean that it is a boring element.

Quite the contrary, it is a widely used piece of decoration, especially in small bathrooms because they give a feeling of spaciousness to small spaces.

The small natural stone washbasins in white are ideal for creating minimalist and pure environments.

For example, the Zen or SP19 model from our new Onarea series.

Natural stone sinks

Types of natural stone sinks

The Anjasora catalog includes a wide variety of stone sinks for bathrooms.

If you still don’t know what type of stone bathroom sink to use in your bathroom, don’t miss the recommendations for rustic, modern or design stone sinks that we offer below.

Natural stone sinks

Rustic stone sinks

A rustic stone sink is a perfect element to achieve a bathroom inspired by nature but with a modern touch.

Rustic stone sinks are one of the most current trends for decorating bathrooms that seek warm and relaxing environments.

Natural stone sinks
Natural stone sinks

Modern stone sinks

Although stone is usually associated with the rustic style, a stone sink does not always have to evoke this type of environment.

With natural stone you can also get modern stone sinks such as our Nantes, RS48 or Black Oval model by Onarea.

Design stone washbasins

The designer stone washbasins are a statement of intent.

With this type of very special sinks you will achieve luxurious, bohemian environments and above all with a lot of personality.

Our favorites are the SP19, RS37, SS19 and SP18 models. Authentic works of art!

Natural stone sinks

Buy natural stone sinks

If you have come this far, you will have already realized that buying natural stone sinks is a success.

Bathrooms with stone sinks tend to have high prices compared to alternatives made of another material.

This is because stone is an expensive material, due to its qualities and its originality.

The Anjasora team works every day to be able to offer you natural stone sinks at very competitive prices with all the qualities of natural stone guaranteed.

Natural stone washbasin collections