Bathroom Vinyl Floor

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, one of the best options when thinking about flooring is to install bathroom vinyl flooring.

Although it may be a small area of the home, it is a space for self-care and relaxation and should be designed to favor moments of tranquility and calm.

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Characteristics of bathroom vinyl flooring

The vinyl bathroom floor conveys a feeling of naturalness and comfort thanks to the wide variety of colors and designs that are achieved with this type of flooring.

A hydraulic vinyl bathroom floor , for example, acts as a decorative element of the space.

Laying vinyl flooring in a bathroom becomes a simple and quick task , thanks to the installation system of this type of flooring.

Depending on the installation method, we can install adhesive vinyl flooring in the bathroom or click vinyl flooring in the bathroom.

Adhesive vinyl bathroom floor

Both adhesive vinyl flooring for bathrooms and click vinyl flooring in bathrooms are valid options.

The two types of products are made with the same components, however, the way they are placed changes.

The bathroom adhesive vinyl floor offers many installation facilities and also in a quick and easy way.

It does not require special maintenance either, so it facilitates daily household cleaning tasks.

Among the long list of advantages of vinyl bathroom flooring , are the following:

  • Variety of colors and designs, especially naturalness
  • Long duration
  • Easy maintenance
  • Moisture resistant
  • Provides comfort when stepping
  • Provides good insulation from cold or heat
  • antibacterial
Bathroom Vinyl Floor


If we choose to install ckick vinyl flooring in the bathroom , the Floortape range will be our best ally. The flooring options offered by this Anjasora range are highly resistant and of great quality for bathrooms.

For the click system, some everyday tools are needed that we will surely find in our homes, which are: hammer, cutter, ruler, protractor, planer, chisel, square and, of course, the joints.

  1. The first step and one of the most important to install bathroom vinyl flooring would be remove skirting boards and saw door frames. This process can be slower or faster, however, this material can be removed little by little, making sure not to damage what is underneath and leaving a smooth surface.
  2. After this, it is essential to clean the floor on which we are going to install the vinyl tiles very well and make sure that there are no unevenness.
  3. The next step is to decide the position of the tiles depending on the style and size of each bathroom.
  4. After that, the installation of the vinyl tiles in the bathroom begins with the help of plastic wedges to mark the limits from which the first tile will be installed. It is important to assemble them until you reach the end of the row. You simply have to measure the distance with the help of a pencil and a ruler and gently mark the line with the cutter to fold it at the mark and place the tile.
  5. Finally, it remains to glue the skirting board with mounting adhesive and that’s it.

A simple and quick way to put vinyl on the bathroom floor , and also if you choose Floortape, our specialized line of vinyl floors , you will have a trendy, waterproof and durable floor that adapts to the needs of your home.

Bathroom Vinyl Floor

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