Halls with natural stone

Living rooms with natural stone are one of the most chosen options when choosing the cladding for this room in the home. The living room, along with the kitchen, is the heart of the house. It is a space that should invite you to relate, to peace and harmony of the cohabitants and there is no better material that transmits these sensations than stone in the living room. At Anjasora we are specialists in offering you the best option for your living room with natural stone walls for interiors. Therefore, if you are looking for living rooms with natural stone in our catalog you will find a wide range of possibilities that will not leave you indifferent.

Halls with natural stone

Characteristics of living rooms with natural stone

A living room with a natural stone wall is perfect, because in addition to offering a cozy and warm aesthetic it also offers great benefits.

This is because stone walls for living rooms, in addition to working very well as wall decoration for a stone living room, will also give all the sales of natural stone to the living room.

The great strength of natural stone living rooms is that it is a material that combines with practically all styles.

To this it is necessary to add that a stone wall for the living room will also offer resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation and require very little maintenance.

Would you like to know more about living rooms with natural stone? Keep reading! We will tell you everything.

Living room with natural stone wall

For some years now, one of the top trends in design and interior design has been the stone wall for the living room and also the stone wall for the dining room.

This is because natural stone manages to create original and stylish environments, both rustic and modern, without giving up the advantages of natural stone.

If what you are looking for is a room with great personality, do not hesitate to cover the living room wall with natural stone.

Halls with natural stone

salones pequeños con pared de piedra

Halls with natural stone

salón moderno de pared de piedra

Halls with natural stone

salones rústicos de piedra

Halls with natural stone

salones con piedra natural

Halls with natural stone

salón con pared de piedra natural

Halls with natural stone

salón con piedra decorativa

Types of rooms with natural stone

The type of atmosphere that you manage to achieve in your living room or dining room with a stone wall will depend a lot on the stone model you choose.

With the wide range of alternatives that we offer you at Anjasora for living rooms with natural stone, you will be able to achieve the best aesthetics for small living rooms with stone walls, for a modern living room with stone walls or, if you prefer, for rustic stone rooms or with decorative stone.

Halls with natural stone
Halls with natural stone

Stone wall modern living room

Natural stone often leads us to imagine rustic spaces, inspired by the designs of yesteryear.

Many times this usually leads us to give up this material if what we are looking for in a modern environment.

If you are in love with natural stone and want to create a modern and innovative atmosphere for your living room, you will be interested to know that at Anjasora we offer you the best options for a stone wall for a modern living room.

With our Ardosia , Silver Grey , Gold Green or ST300 models you will have a gray stone living room wall. The latest in design.

small rooms
with stone wall

Are you thinking of renovating your living room but you find yourself facing a small space? Perhaps you may be thinking that covering a stone wall is not the best idea.

The best thing in these cases is to opt for a white stone wall for your living room , which will help you create a feeling of greater spaciousness in the room.

Bearing this in mind, we recommend the S. White model , in light colors, from Flextone or the ST40W from The Stones. They are perfect options for small rooms with stone walls.

Halls with natural stone
Halls with natural stone

Rustic stone halls

Natural stone is a basic when creating rustic environments. This material will allow you to create rustic stone rooms without any effort.

So, if you are looking for a warm and comfortable atmosphere inspired by nature, the Forest, Rain Forest or Teak Wood models by Flextone or any of the ST range by The Stones , from the Anjasora catalogue, are the best decoration for stone walls. of a living room

Living room with decorative stone

Natural stone is a material with great decorative potential.

In addition, the new covering designs to decorate a living room with a stone wall offer us options with which we can play according to our tastes and preferences to create a living room with decorative stone, in which originality reigns.

In the Anjasora catalog you have at your disposal a wide range of colors and decorative stone designs for living rooms.

Take a look at our Autumn Rustic , Silver Shine , Silver Grey, Indian Autumn , S. White or Forest by Flextone models. They are our favorites for a living room accent stone wall.

Halls with natural stone

Living room collections with natural stone