Natural stone shower trays

Natural stone shower trays are a very recent trend that is gaining many followers over time and has very positive opinions. This is because stone shower trays , compared to other options, are an element with much more quality, elegance and, of course, much more exclusive.

Would you like to know everything about the stone showers that are so fashionable? Keep reading, because below we will tell you the great secrets of natural stone for showers and its different applications, such as the outdoor stone shower tray.

Detalle ONAREA Plato DCR 2714 ARQUITECT PIEL BEIGE - Natural stone shower trays

Characteristics of natural stone showers

Natural stone shower trays offer great advantages that, today, are quite unknown.

The stone shower floor is a very rigid material and very resistant to the passage of time.

We must bear in mind that the shower is a space that is in constant contact with water, therefore it is not worth using any type of material.

For this reason, Anjasora’s natural stone for shower trays meets the most basic characteristics, such as high durability, excellent water absorption, great resistance to bumps and scratches and also resistance to slipping.

Surely now you are wondering how to clean a natural stone shower tray.

Contrary to what it may seem, natural stone for shower trays is very easy to clean, simply with water and everyday cleaning products.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that the installation of Anjasora natural stone shower trays is also very simple.

When in doubt about how to place a stone shower tray, you just have to follow the advice of our experts in the placement section of our catalogue.

Types of natural stone shower trays

Natural stone offers a wide variety of finishes, designs and colors that, together with the high quality of the material, make it a very successful alternative for a natural stone shower tray.

Opting for a stone shower tray floor will allow you to achieve a unique style in your natural stone shower tray.

Among the finishes that we offer you at Anjasora you can boast a rustic, luxury, original or even mosaic shower tray in your bathroom.

Don’t miss out on all our options!

DETALLE SINGULAR NEGRO 1024x768 - platos de ducha de lujo

platos de ducha de lujo

DETALLE PLATO SINGULAR BEIGE 720x1024 - platos de ducha de piedra natural

platos de ducha de piedra natural

AMB SINGULAR MARENGO 912x1024 - suelo vinílico baño

suelo vinílico baño

AMB PLATO RIN 1024x887 - platos de ducha rústicos

platos de ducha rústicos

amb FINE 07 741x1024 - platos de ducha de mosaico

platos de ducha de mosaico

Detalle ONAREA Plato DCR 2714 ARQUITECT PIEL BEIGE 1024x887 - platos de ducha de piedra natural

platos de ducha de piedra natural

rustic shower trays

Rustic shower trays are a success if you are looking for a warm, comfortable and carefree atmosphere in your bathroom.

At Anjasora we are specialists in helping our clients achieve exactly the look they want thanks to the wide variety of designs, finishes, textures and colors that we offer for natural stone showers.

Among our favorite rustic shower trays are the Singular Beige Br or the Fine 03.

They are perfect to combine with the rest of the elements in your bathroom and achieve a rustic and natural aesthetic.

AMB PLATO RIN - Natural stone shower trays
DETALLE SINGULAR NEGRO - Natural stone shower trays

Luxury shower trays

All the natural stone shower trays in the Anjasora catalog are luxury shower trays, because they have excellent characteristics and unique aesthetics.

Although without a doubt our favorites are the Singular Marengo or Negro, the Fine 05 or the Singular Blanco.

If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t hesitate to take a look at them.

Original shower trays

Are you looking for original shower trays? With a natural stone shower from Anjasora you can achieve the most original and innovative designs on the market.

Among the latest trends in original shower trays, you can choose between those that opt for a monocolor option such as our Singular Blanco, Singular Negro BR TR, Fine 01 or Arquitec Beige or Negro models.

On the other hand, if you would like a stone shower tray that stands out in your bathroom and gives it a little movement and personality, the Singular Marengo, Fine 03, Fine 04, Fine 07 or Fine 14 is what you need.

DET 2 SINGULAR BLANCO ZEN - Natural stone shower trays
amb FINE 07 - Natural stone shower trays

Mosaic shower trays

A mosaic shower tray is characterized by its special designs and bright colors.

With this type of natural stone shower trays you will ensure that your bathroom has a very visual, pleasant and beautiful atmosphere.

At Anjasora, our Arquitect Mosaic models in grey, black, mustard and beige are a perfect option for mosaic shower trays, along with the Rin series.

Natural stone shower trays at the best price

If you have already decided on showers with natural stones, do not hesitate to take a look at our catalog of natural stone shower trays.

We know that natural stone shower trays tend to have high prices depending on the type of stone or design.

At Anjasora we offer you stone shower trays at the best prices on the market and with guaranteed quality.

AMB SINGULAR MARENGO - Natural stone shower trays

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