Bathrooms with natural stone

Bathrooms with natural stone are one of the applications of natural stone that is becoming more and more widespread in the construction sector, but also in the design sector. Although the most common is the use of stone in kitchens, bathrooms with natural stone are also a great success. If you would like to know all the advantages that natural stone can bring to your bathroom or if you are looking for the definitive inspiration that will make you decide on this material, at Anjasora we will tell you all the secrets of natural stone bathrooms.

Bathrooms with natural stone

Characteristics of bathrooms with natural stone

The bathroom is one of the most complicated rooms in the house when carrying out a renovation, since it requires materials that, being in constant contact with water and humidity, do not deteriorate.

Stone bathrooms are an excellent option that meets all the conditions required by this demanding area of the home. Would you like to know why?

Everyone knows that stone is a natural element with high hardness and resistance to shock and the passage of time, but the characteristics of natural stone bathroom tiles do not end there.

Bathrooms with natural stone, in addition to having a very pleasant appearance, also have a high insulating capacity, both thermal and acoustic, and great versatility when combined with other materials and designs.

Natural stone for bathrooms is also an element that is highly resistant to humidity and also to heat, a key feature for bathrooms.

Thanks to these qualities of bathroom stone, it can be applied in different areas of the space, not only on walls.

Bathrooms with natural stone can also show off this material on floors, countertops, shower trays and even sinks.

Types of bathrooms with natural stone

Now that you have been able to verify the excellent characteristics of natural stone and its application to bathrooms, we are going to learn more about the types of bathrooms with natural stone that you can achieve with the options that we propose at Anjasora .

Stone wall bathrooms will allow you to get modern natural stone bathrooms, rustic natural stone bathrooms or even bathrooms decorated with natural stone.

If you are still not clear about the type of environment you want for your new bathroom renovation project, it is time for you to take note because we are going to recommend our favorite options.

Bathrooms with natural stone

piedra natural para baños

Bathrooms with natural stone

baños con piedra natural

Bathrooms with natural stone

baños de piedra rústicos

Bathrooms with natural stone

baños decorados con piedra natural

Bathrooms with natural stone

baños de piedra modernos

Bathrooms with natural stone

baños con piedra natural

Modern stone bathrooms

Not all designs that include natural stone have to result in rustic environments.

In the Anjasora catalog you can find the most innovative and modern natural stone finishes, with different designs, textures and colors, ideal for all types of modern bathrooms with natural stone.

The gray color is one of the most demanded trends to achieve modern environments.

How about a gray stone bathroom? This option is among one of the most appreciated among interior design experts as modern natural stone bathrooms.

This proposal is one of our favorites to achieve that innovative, fresh environment with personality of modern atmospheres.

That is why we advise you to take into account the Gold Green , Silver Grey , Silver Shine models.

If you are looking to risk a little more and for stone to be the main element in your bathroom, the Forest or Autumns Rustic models are for you.

Bathrooms with natural stone
Bathrooms with natural stone

Rustic stone baths

Rustic stone bathrooms are a safe bet and a sign of elegance and good taste.

The rustic style is inspired by natural elements to achieve a natural, welcoming, carefree and well-cared-for aesthetic at the same time.

Natural stone is one of the most recommended designs to achieve the precious rustic aesthetics, due to its natural appearance and its ease when combining with other colors and materials.

Bathrooms decorated with natural stone

Natural stone is a material with many possibilities. Depending on the type of stone design, it can be one more element that combines and blends in with the rest of the bathroom materials, or it can be a leading element.

If you are inspired by bathrooms decorated with natural stone and you want to achieve a striking and powerful finish, in the Anjasora catalog you will find a wide variety of alternatives for bathrooms with natural stone that will become one more element of the decoration.

For example, the Indian Autumn model, Gold Green, Silver Grey, Silver Shine or Autumns by Flextone are really special decorative stone options for bathrooms for wall coverings.

Remember that decorative natural stone is also very effective in sinks and shower trays.

If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity for these elements in your bathroom to also be a decorative element, don’t hesitate to take a look at the wide range of our Onarea section.

Bathrooms with natural stone
Bathrooms with natural stone

Bathroom collections with natural stone