terrace stone

Terrace stone has become a great option for decorating terraces and gardens. This is because the latest decorative trends use noble stones such as slate, marble or granite tiles to achieve a unique and different touch in the outdoor areas of the home. Are you thinking of renovating your terrace with stone wall cladding, the wonderful cobbled floors or with stone pavements? At Anjasora you can find all the inspiration you need and a wide range of stone options for terraces.

terrace stone

Characteristics of terraces with natural stone

Natural stone for exteriors and terraces is the most used material in landscaping and exterior decoration projects that seek to get the most out of all the elements that make up the room.

One of the great characteristics of terrace stone is that it opens up a world of decorative possibilities.

Thanks to its strong personality, it provides a new way of understanding decoration, achieving balanced atmospheres in tune with nature.

To this it is necessary to add the undeniable beauty of this ancient material and its high capacity for integration with the environment.

In other words, your garden or terrace will enjoy a warm and welcoming appearance thanks to the fact that natural stone will work as an excellent integrating element, due to its different finishes, colors and textures.

The low maintenance that natural stone requires and its great resistance are also very important factors to take into account for the flooring or wall cladding of your terrace.

Uses of stone for terrace

One of the great advantages of stone terraces is that they offer numerous possibilities.

It was recently discovered that natural stone is not only a strong and resistant element for construction but also an excellent ally in design.

For this reason, in addition to being used as a stone wall for terraces or as a stone floor for terraces, decorative stones for terraces are a great revelation to achieve unique environments with personality.

terrace stone

columnas de piedra natural

terrace stone

piedra para terraza

terrace stone

suelo piedra natural exterior

terrace stone

pared de piedra para terraza

terrace stone

piedras decorativas para terrazas

terrace stone

terrazas con piedra natural

terrace stone

Decorative stones for terraces

Any model of the ST series will be a success as decorative stones for terraces.

This series has really special proposals for terraces with slate stone with which you can even get a white stone cladding for terraces if you opt for the ST40W model.

A union between the classic and the innovative that you will fall in love with.

If you are looking for something more daring, with a strong personality and presence, the Ardosia Multicolor or Silver Grey , Teka or the Autumn Rustic backlit or backlit models are our favorite options for terraces decorated with stones.

Stone wall for terrace

The stone pieces that we offer you at Anjasora have numerous finishes, both smooth and embossed, and a wide variety of colours.

If you want to cover an entire wall with natural stone to achieve a homey, warm and rustic atmosphere, in our catalog we have exactly what you are looking for.

Teak Wood , Dusk Sprinkle or Autumn Rustic models are our favorites for terraces with stone walls.

terrace stone
terrace stone

stone floor for terrace

The Coralina series from The Stones that you can find among the options in the Anjasora catalog is the best alternative to use as stone flooring for terraces.

In addition to the numerous characteristics of natural stone in exteriors, the Coralina range enhances the qualities of this material with an innovative system that absorbs the heat of the sun, so that its surface always remains pleasant and fresh.

This series offers different finishes beyond the classic slab, such as the classic stuccoed slab, the pyramid or grid finish.

But that’s not all, the Travertino series , with options such as Travertino Noce, Silver or Silver Gray , is also an ideal option to give a different touch to the stone floor of your terrace.

terrace stone


The best way to clean the stone of the terrace is with water , its neutrality will respect all the characteristics of the stone and when hot it will be twice as effective.

If necessary, apply neutral soap to remove stains and avoid abrasive products such as bleach.

At first, due to its high porosity, it may seem like a complicated material to clean and maintain.

But it is not like that, the cleaning of natural stone does not suppose great complications.

If you want to use a special product to enhance the qualities of the stone, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

They will solve all your doubts, without any commitment.

terrace stone

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