Kitchen Vinyl Floor

Kitchen vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for this space that we consider the heart of the home. Regardless of the size of the environment or the style we want to achieve, vinyl floors are perfectly suitable for use in the kitchen.

Kitchens with vinyl floors adapt to a wide variety of designs and add a high aesthetic value to the whole space, becoming decorative vinyl for the kitchen floor. Being the kitchen, on many occasions, the meeting point of homes and/or commercial spaces, putting kitchen vinyl flooring with furniture becomes a magnificent option, since it combines functionality and aesthetics.

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Characteristics of kitchen vinyl flooring

Kitchen vinyl flooring offers the same great style and design as any other floor, but with the added benefit of easy installation, long-lasting durability and easy maintenance.

Vinyl flooring is considered to be a very durable material, which makes it a great choice for kitchen flooring.

Thanks to its robustness, it withstands the hustle and bustle of everyday life well, and withstands the passage of time well, causing minimal wear and tear over the years.

One of the biggest draws of kitchen vinyl flooring is its resistance to stains and occasional liquid spills.

These elements make kitchens with vinyl flooring a clean, functional and attractive space. Being easy to clean, easy to patch if a stain gets damaged, and comfortable underfoot.

As we have mentioned before, kitchen vinyl flooring is easy to keep clean. Because it’s waterproof, there’s no worry of getting water on the surface, so cleaning becomes an easy task using a steam mop.

Kitchens with vinyl flooring

Kitchens with vinyl floors are full of aesthetics and design.
Kitchen vinyl flooring promotes a warm and homey air in kitchens, thanks to the technical properties of vinyl and the layers that make it up.

When we are in the kitchen, we often stand for long periods of time while cooking delicious meals.

Therefore, the ideal is to have a vinyl kitchen floor that is soft to the touch so that it provides us with that comfort that we are looking for.

In addition, thanks to its protective layer, objects are less likely to break if they are ever dropped.

As for its design, in the past it was considered an inelegant pavement, however, thanks to current modern technologies there is a wide range of designs and finishes.

Vinyl floors are perfectly suitable for use in a kitchen , as they are usually non-slip, waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to cut and fit around existing furniture.

They are available in a huge range of colors, styles, finishes and textures.

suelo vinílico cocina


Laying vinyl flooring in the kitchen becomes an easy and quick task thanks to the click installation system with which we achieve greater insulation compared to the adhesive vinyl flooring in the kitchen that will transmit a colder sensation.

For a correct installation, the placement site must be taken into account, since it must be a flat surface.

However, there are no other requirements, since laying kitchen vinyl flooring is simple and quick.

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