Outdoor Mosaics

Outdoor mosaics are one of the newest trends in interior design. This type of material is widely used in interior areas, however relatively recently it was discovered that mosaic also had great potential in exterior areas. The outdoor mosaic is a surprising element that, through shapes, colors and different textures, manages to give a touch of personality to areas such as patios, gardens or terraces. Would you like to decorate your floors, walls, walls or facades with mosaic but you don’t know how these types of pieces react outside? Don’t worry, below we are going to see all the characteristics of mosaics for exteriors and we will propose some options with which you can inspire your own exterior reform project.

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Characteristics of outdoor mosaics

Outdoor mosaics stand out, above all, for their resistance.

It is an element made from highly resistant materials such as natural stone or ceramics. That is why they acquire all their characteristics.

In this way, we are dealing with pieces with great properties, such as resistance to humidity, rain, changes in temperature and wind. All this is very important because it is an area that is constantly exposed.

In addition, it is necessary to mention that the exterior mosaics also have non-slip properties, very important to avoid unwanted falls or slips on rainy days.

Outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens and terraces are also more exposed to stains and dust, so it is important that the walls and floors have materials that are easy to clean and require little maintenance.

In this case, natural stone mosaics are the best option.

In terms of design, outdoor mosaics are very versatile pieces that combine various colors and finishes inspired by nature.

Use of outdoor mosaics

The main uses of exterior mosaic tiles are exterior floor mosaic exterior floor paving and exterior wall mosaic wall cladding.

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Mosaicos para terrazas

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mosaicos para patio

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mosaicos para exterior

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mosaicos para exterior

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mosaicos para exterior

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mosaico para jardín

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Outdoor floor mosaic

The outdoor floor mosaic has non- slip properties that make this material a perfect alternative for decorating the floors of outdoor spaces with outdoor mosaic flooring.

The designs that we offer you at Anjasora for outdoor mosaic flooring are directly inspired by finishes and colors found in nature, such as marble, slate, granite or even wood.

Mosaic on exterior walls

The mosaics for exteriors that can be found in the Anjasora catalog are also a success to use as mosaics on exterior walls.

Due to the wide range of our catalog you can play to combine different finishes and textures so that the exterior cladding of your house has a unique and original design.

In the The Mosaic series of our catalog you can also find models made up of small pieces of different colors that, in addition to originality, provided a modern air and a sense of mobility to the walls of your patio or terrace.

If, on the other hand, you want to opt for a single-color mosaic option for exterior walls, you have available models in green, beige and grey.

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Outdoor mosaic applications

In addition to decorating the exterior floors and walls of your home, the innovative outdoor mosaic tiles can also be used as garden mosaic, patio mosaic, and terrace mosaic.

Would you like to know more about this trend that interior design professionals are falling in love with?

Keep reading and we will explain how to use this material in the different exterior areas of a house.

amb meteoras - Outdoor Mosaics

garden mosaic

The best decorative garden mosaics are those that evoke natural materials such as stone or wood.

For this reason, at Anjasora we recommend that, if you are looking for outdoor garden mosaics, you take a look at the stone garden mosaic models such as the Biancone , the Amphitheater , the California , the Cappadocia or the Hierapolis .

LE FONTAINE - Outdoor Mosaics
STONEHENGE - Outdoor Mosaics

patio mosaics

Rustic outdoor mosaic is one of the hottest trends for mosaic patios.

Among our options you can find patio mosaic such as the Le Palace , Marfil Satin , Le Cité or Aureo models, depending on the option you choose you will get a rustic and natural aesthetic but also modern and updated.

Mosaics for terraces

Our favorite mosaics for terraces are the Cappadocia model, the White PQ , the Stonehenge and the Onice Bianco .

These are designs with a strong decorative power that will give an elegant and unique touch to your terrace.

In the case of terrace walls, the decorative mosaic options for exteriors that would give this room the most personality would be the Supernova , Paladiana Blanca or Colonial models.

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Outdoor mosaic collections