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Natural stone columns are an essential element in buildings, as they are responsible for supporting the load of the structure, so their correct construction is essential for the success of the project.

Nowadays, columns are often integrated into the overall design through their decoration or cladding. Natural stone columns are one of the most used resources, given their ability to adapt to all kinds of decorative styles and spaces.

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Characteristics of natural stone columns

Thanks to their excellent technical qualities, natural stone columns are suitable for all types of projects.

On the one hand, due to their low porosity, they are capable of resisting sudden changes in temperature, stains and other alterations typical of the passage of time without damaging their surface.

The stone-lined columns are also fireproof, so they protect the structure of the house from fire.

Without forgetting the decorative touch that they can contribute to any type of project. And it is that, as a construction material, natural stone brings many advantages to design: Whether inside or outside, natural stone applied to column cladding is undoubtedly elegant, and facilitates architectural integration at a landscape level.

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Natural stone columns can bring a great personality to the space , so, far from hiding them, we can choose to give them more prominence in the environment from a decorative perspective.

Both inside and outside the house it is common to find columns covered in stone, since this material adds a lot of texture, beauty and naturalness to your column and to the environment.

If we want to integrate this piece of construction into a rustic or Mediterranean-style living room, kitchen or bedroom, covering the columns with natural stone is a great solution given its warm and welcoming personality.

Stone also fits very well with other natural elements such as wood, so we can perfectly combine furniture and flooring made of this material with columns covered with stone.

We can also give it a spatial function, such as visually dividing two areas of the house.

If, on the other hand, we want to highlight the columns lined with stone over the rest of the space, we can opt for white walls or discreet tones so that the effect is greater.

The column cladding harmonizes perfectly with a minimalist or contemporary style, while enhancing the architecture of the space.

Choosing natural stone columns for porches and exterior areas of the house is a very popular option because it connects the design of the home with the nature that surrounds it.

The stone plays here the role of link between the architecture and the environment. In addition, natural stone columns can be of many styles, either light stone, more rustic and reddish, or dark if we opt for a material such as slate. So, within the world of stone, the options are practically endless.

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columnas de piedra natural

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columnas de piedra natural

Stone column base

Formerly, since the columns used to be made of stone or marble because they are the most resistant natural materials, the stone column base was understood as the lower block on which the column stood, itself, acting as a support point.

It is well known that natural stone columns and natural stone column bases built in ancient Greece or Egypt, dating from 2,600 BC, are still preserved today. C., so its strength and durability is more than proven.

Currently, thanks to advances in construction, a column base can be made of a greater number of materials, and we can also define it as that internal vertical structure without aesthetic value that is responsible for reinforcing the loads of the building, which can be concrete or steel, for example.

These column bases are usually covered next to give them a decorative touch and integrate them into the design.

If in our project we opt for lining the stone column , we will be betting on a durable material that is resistant to abrasions, inclement weather and the passage of time, so that it is suitable for interiors and exteriors.

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How to cover a column with natural stone will depend, mainly, on the style we want to apply to the project and the budget we have.

The current trend in architecture opts for a rectangular column typology, which allows us to cover them with natural stone blocks without difficulties.

However, round natural stone columns tend to prevail when they are in the middle of a room or outside.

In this case, they can also be covered with flexible natural stone such as our Flextone , which adapts perfectly to the circular surface of the column without forgetting all the properties of natural stone.

If we wonder how to make a natural stone column for our project, our recommendation is to have the help of a professional to guide us through the different steps of the process.

Within the execution of an architectural project, the step of making natural stone columns can be approached from many perspectives and variants, including the importance of these columns in the project at a construction level or the agreed budget.


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