Natural stone for walls and corners

Covering a wall with natural stone is one of the best options to achieve a stone wall that provides a unique and cozy atmosphere. Natural stone for walls is one of the most used options for interior stone wall cladding because it is resistant, durable and very versatile, which makes it perfect for exteriors as well. At Anjasora we offer you a wide range of natural stone for interior and exterior walls , with different finishes, sizes, colors and designs. Keep reading and get inspired by our best natural stone options for walls!

amb ANJASORA ST 305 - Natural stone for walls and corners

stone wall features

Thanks to the excellent characteristics of natural stone, the fact of covering a wall with natural stone will be a great success, not only at the design level but also at the level of advantages.

Natural stone for walls is a highly resistant material to shocks and extreme temperatures and climates.

In addition, with proper care it is an element that can last a lifetime due to its high durability.

Another of the characteristics of covering the wall with natural stone with the options that we offer you in Anjasora is its price.

In our catalog you will find a wide range of natural stone designs and finishes for walls at the best price.

If you want to know more or need a quote, do not hesitate to contact us for the price per m2 of a stone wall. We will send it to you without obligation.

inner stone walls

As we have already mentioned, stone wall cladding is an element that plays a fundamental role in the design of any space.

One of the most original areas to use natural stone for walls is in a room, living room or dining room.

Although we cannot fail to mention the excellent atmosphere that is achieved in bathrooms or kitchens with stone for interior walls.

Therefore, if you are looking for a stone for an interior wall that will become a leading element in the design of your renovation, do not hesitate to take a look at the Ardosa, Silver Grey , Gold Green or any ST models from Anjasora’s The Stones catalogue.

amb ANJASORA ST 303 - Natural stone for walls and corners
amb st29 - Natural stone for walls and corners

modern stone walls

Despite the fact that stone is an ancient material that is usually associated with rustic environments, it is also an element with which modern stone walls can be achieved. Would you like to know how?

Thanks to the new Flextone option that we have in the Anjasora catalog you can get an elegant, natural and innovative stone wall covering.

This new system of flexible stone slats, created in 1995 and recently perfected, is a true declaration of intent, which highlights the fineness of the movement of the stone. You won’t find anything more original!

Among the models in the excellent Flextone range, you will find a large number of decorative wall stone options such as the Black Line model , Copper Haze or Indian Autumn . You will also find the S. White model , ideal for an innovative white stone wall.

6x119 6 leno ceniza@2x 001 x60 st golden green@2x salon@2x 001 1024x682 - piedra natural para paredes

piedra natural para paredes

amb st61wb 1024x768 - piedra natural para paredes

piedra natural para paredes

detalle2 61bz 1024x681 - piedra natural para paredes

piedra natural para paredes

amb ANJASORA ST 304 1024x768 - piedra natural para paredes

piedra natural para paredes

amb st20bz 1024x752 - revestimiento piedra natural

revestimiento piedra natural

ambiente silver grey cepillado 873x1024 - paneles de piedra natural

paneles de piedra natural

natural stone corners

Using natural stone as stone corners for houses is a very common use of this material. Although it may seem somewhat complicated, cladding the exterior corners of a facade , for example, to be able to show off natural stone for exterior walls, is very simple!

The Stones range from the Anjasora catalog includes a series of corner pieces of our ST models that will make it easier for you to lay natural stone for exterior walls with a perfect finish.

amb st40wb - Natural stone for walls and corners


If you do not know how to place natural stone on the wall or how to make a natural stone wall, do not miss the following tips.

Thanks to the fact that the natural stone options for walls that we offer you at Anjasora have a stoneware base, laying natural stone on the wall is extremely easy.

To make a natural stone wall with any of our collections, you will first have to choose your favorite natural stone design for walls.

Afterwards, it will only be necessary to condition the surface to be worked on so that it does not have protrusions and prepare the glue according to the instructions.

Now we are going to explain how to cover a wall with natural stone. This is, perhaps, one of the most important phases and in which more care should be taken.

To continue with the task of putting natural stone on the wall, it is necessary to spread the cement-glue on the wall with a trowel to facilitate grip.

Then, it will be necessary to take measurements and align the pieces of natural stone to proceed to stick them on the wall with the help of a few small blows with a rubber hammer and some leveling wedges.

6x119 6 leno ceniza@2x 001 x55 st st51@2x 001 salon@2x 001 - Natural stone for walls and corners

Natural stone collections for walls and corners