Flexible Natural Stone

Flexible natural stone is the most revolutionary material on the market today to cover spaces with a very natural and elegant look. At a time when simple and quick works prevail, this easy-to-install material offers a spectacular makeover for all types of spaces.

FSG6009 integracion - Flexible Natural Stone

What is flexible stone?

It is a flexible stone cladding made of thin sheets between 1 and 2 mm thick composed of 100% natural stone slats on a fiberglass and polyester support, which give it its flexible character, high resistance and great durability. dimensional stability.

This is how a material as solid and compact as stone is transformed into a malleable surface and adaptable to the most curved surfaces.

Characteristics of flexible natural stone

In addition to its natural aesthetics, flexible laminated stone has a large number of highly valued advantages in the contract world:

  • It is a very versatile material , which can easily adhere to both interior and exterior surfaces, both facades, cladding, and furniture.
  • Given its lightness, flexible natural stone is very easy to handle , transport and install.
  • In addition, its placement does not require large works , since it can be applied quickly to the current surface when dry, thus avoiding the complications of a complete reform.
  • Being natural stone, this innovative flexible natural stone cladding acts as a barrier against moisture and protects surfaces thanks to its waterproof finish. That is why it is a great coating solution for bathrooms and kitchens or other rooms where it is common to find water.
  • It is also a material that is very resistant to the sun and UV radiation , so its appearance or color are not altered despite being exposed to sunlight for many years.
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baños de piedra rústicos

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baños de piedra modernos

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piedra natural flexible

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baños con piedra natural

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piedra flexible traslúcida

FS6007 1024x660 - encimeras de cocina de piedra

encimeras de cocina de piedra

Flexible stone finishes

Flextone flexible natural stone, which we manufacture at Anjasora, can be found in multiple aesthetics, finishes and formats, adapting to the specifications of each space.

It is a product with a lot of richness, variation of styles, reliefs and veins according to the singularities of natural stone. Wide variety of finishes and applications with outstanding results.

amb ANJASORA ST 6005Dorian Antracita cmyk - Flexible Natural Stone

Flexible natural stone cladding

The flexible stone cladding offers an undoubted timeless character to spaces that joins its multiple qualities as a construction material.

This fusion of beauty and practicality makes it a highly valued option for interior design projects.

Thanks to its high resistance to inclement weather such as heat or strong frost, flexible natural stone is a great solution for cladding exterior facades.

Because it protects the surface of the building and, in turn, adds the rustic and natural touch of stone to the project.

FSG6009 - Flexible Natural Stone
AMBIENTE 1 FSG1007 apagada - Flexible Natural Stone

Flexible natural stone sheets

The sheets of flexible natural stone stand out for their lightness and their great adaptability to surfaces, both curved and straight.

This multiplies its placement possibilities, not only on surfaces, but also on furniture as a decorative element.

Despite their lightness, these flexible sheets of natural stone retain all the properties of stone and perfectly convey the appearance of a compact slab.

Flexible stone plates

The flexible stone slabs stand out for their large format that adapt to any surface and convey a lot of naturalness to spaces.

They are a very valid solution for large areas such as a hotel lobby, function or conference rooms, public spaces, meeting areas, and much more.

Due to their excellent conditions, they cover the surface quickly without generating waste or excess weight.

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ambiente fs1004 retro - Flexible Natural Stone

translucent flexible stone

There is also a type of translucent flexible stone with a strong decorative personality.

These sheets of flexible natural stone are so thin that light can pass through them, since their back is made of resin, facilitating the passage of lighting.

In order to take advantage of its full potential, a light source can be installed on its back to achieve impressive effects that give a great personality to design projects such as restaurants, hotels, or public spaces.

Depending on the type of lighting used, different effects will be achieved.

For example, if you opt for natural light, during the day the room will be invigorated by pleasant organic movements on the surfaces, and as the daylight hours disappear, the surface will become more opaque.

It will also vary depending on whether we use warm or cold light, even colored. The options are very customizable.

natural stone columns

columnas de piedra natural

natural stone columns

flexible natural stone prices

If you are interested in buying flexible natural stone and knowing the approximate price of flexible stone, we invite you to contact our commercial department to receive all the information in a personalized way.

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