Natural stone for facades

Natural stone for facades is more than a cladding, it will become a second skin for your home. The exterior facades are the part of the house that is most exposed to changes in climate, winds and rains, which causes greater deterioration. However, the facades of houses with natural stone are highly resistant to these factors. That is why using stone on the exterior facade is a success if you are looking for something durable, effective and with a unique and natural aesthetic. If you would like to know everything about the options that Anjasora offers you for an exterior stone facade, read on. In our catalog you will find very innovative proposals such as stones for ventilated facades, or natural stone plates for facades. With us renovating or building the perfect facade will be very easy.

ambiente 1961 pizarra - Natural stone for facades

Characteristics of natural stone for facades

To opt for natural stone for facades, it is necessary to know all the characteristics of this type of material, in order to make the most appropriate decision.

Natural stone tiles for facades are mainly characterized by their high resistance.

In other words, stone for exterior and interior facades is an element that is highly resistant to any type of action.

Thanks to its waterproof qualities, it responds very well to inclement weather.

In addition, it is also a very shock-resistant material , which makes it a very durable option that hardly needs care.

It is necessary to mention that the price of the stone for facade that we offer you in Anjasora will adapt to your budget without having to give up all the qualities of this material.

Types of stone for facade

Natural stone for facades is a success to achieve a more elegant and natural appearance in the exterior cladding of any construction.

But it is also necessary to look for types of natural stone for facades that are functional and resistant.

We have already mentioned that the stone cladding for the facade offers endless advantages.

For us it is important that you get the most out of your reform, that is why in the Anjasora catalog we offer you several types of stone for exterior facades with which it will be possible to even install ventilated facades, a true revolution for climatic architecture.

amb st29 detalle 1024x675 - fachadas con piedra natural

fachadas con piedra natural

amb st18wb 1024x772 - piedra natural para fachada

piedra natural para fachada

amb st14wb 1024x768 - piedra natural para fachadas

piedra natural para fachadas

amb st14bz - fachadas con piedra natural

fachadas con piedra natural

AMBIENTE ST14BZ - fachadas con piedra natural

fachadas con piedra natural

ambiente 1961 pizarra 1024x666 - piedra natural para fachadas

piedra natural para fachadas

amb st18wb - Natural stone for facades

Natural stone for facades at the best price

As we have seen so far , natural stone facades are a perfect alternative so that the face of your house has exactly the aesthetics you are looking for, since it will adapt to both a rustic project and a more modern project.

At Anjasora we know that it is difficult to find stone for exterior facades at good prices.

For this reason, our team works every day to offer a wide selection of materials of unmatched quality and with a price for the stone cladding of the facade that suits your budget.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask us how much it costs to put stone on a facade.

We are specialists in giving the best price for stone facades.

Stone finishes for facades

The stone finishes for facades that we offer you in the Anjasora catalog are very diverse in terms of design, colours, textures and even measurements.

If you are looking for a decorative stone for your façade, you will fall in love with the Flextone Dusk Sprinkle model , giving an innovative and elegant touch to the entrance of your home. Just like the Multicolor Slate from The Stones range.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for white stone for facades , with our ST40W model you will achieve a more sober, minimalist and innovative style without giving up all the characteristics of natural stone for facades.

You can also get the same finish but with black natural stone for the facade with our ST29 model , which will allow you to achieve a unique and original contrast.

ST41 - Natural stone for facades
amb st14wb - Natural stone for facades


If you don’t know how to put stone on a facade , don’t worry! It is a very simple job that, thanks to the advice of our experts, anyone can do it with excellent results.

To cover a facade with natural stone, the first and most important thing is that the laying wall is perfectly clean, dry and level.

In addition, as it is an outdoor area, it is advisable to previously waterproof the wall when laying stone on the façade.

Then, to put stone on the facade of a house, you have to have C2 cement as a bonding material.

It is first necessary to spread a final layer of adhesive on the surface and position the piece before it hardens.

To finish with the placement of natural stone for facades, it will be necessary to clean the remains of the adhesive with a damp sponge, before it dries. And ready! You will now have your new renovated wall.

Cleaning the natural stone of the facade is a very simple task with which you can make the life of your natural stone wall infinite, regardless of whether it is an interior or exterior wall.

With water and neutral soap it will be enough for the natural stone to stay clean and in perfect condition.

AMBIENTE ST14BZ - Natural stone for facades

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