Do you want to run away from the neutral designs and finishes of a lifetime to bet everything on color? If you are looking for something of your own that represents your personality and that is applicable to any room in your home, mosaics are exactly what you need.

With Anjasora mosaics you can create exquisite, unique and energetic atmospheres. You just have to let your imagination fly.

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Mosaic Characteristics

Mosaics are the result of a technique that consists of joining different pieces of the same material , which is usually glass, natural stone, marble or ceramic.

The main characteristic of the mosaic has to do with its aesthetics. Contrary to other materials, mosaics are a cheerful element, full of colour, movement and vitality that allow you to play with the most daring and original combinations.

To these it is necessary to add some technical advantages such as high strength and durability, ease of installation and non-slip finishes , essential for use in flooring.

mosaic types

Taking into account the materials with which they are made, there are three types of mosaics.

On the one hand we have mosaic-type tiles , which are made of ceramic, and on the other hand we have natural stone mosaic and glass mosaic .

Would you like to know the advantages and designs of these types of mosaics? Here are our favorite options for inspiration.

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mosaico de cristal

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mosaicos para exterior

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revestimiento mosaico

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azulejo mosaico

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mosaico decorativo

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mosaic tile

The mosaic tile is made from porcelain or ceramic stoneware and has a very special personality.

Its finish consists of small pieces that together create a kind of decorative mesh that is highly recommended for covering floors and walls with mosaic tiles.

Mosaic-type tiles can be used in interior and exterior spaces because it is a material that is highly resistant to inclement weather, temperature changes and the passage of time.

natural stone mosaic

Mosaic stone is a highly recommended material for use as floors or pavements. Why?

Because the stone mosaic is a type of hard and very resistant mosaic that can perfectly withstand the continuous passage of people or the dragging of furniture.

But the possibilities of natural stone mosaic go beyond floors or pavement.

Among its most common uses is also wall cladding or as a decorative element.

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glass mosaic

The glass mosaic is one that is made with small pieces of glass. The result is usually bright pieces of great beauty and with a strong presence of color.

This type of glass mosaic is often used as a wall covering in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom or as a decorative element to add a touch of color to any space.

Uses of mosaics

The qualities and characteristics of mosaics and the different materials with which they are manufactured favor their application on practically any surface. It is mainly used for floors and pavements, wall coverings and as a decoration element due to its great potential in design.

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mosaic floor

Not just any type of mosaic works as a mosaic floor . The most recommended pieces are mosaic floor tiles and natural stone mosaic.

In terms of colors and aesthetics, black and white mosaic flooring is the most demanded for interior design projects because it is the perfect union of the originality of mosaics and the subtlety of neutral colours.

If this is what you are looking for, the Strata or Ouro Preto model in our catalog will make you fall in love.

Do you want to risk a little more? We recommend that you try the Meteoras , Versalles , Rhine , Le Fontain or Gales models.

Mosaic cladding

A mosaic covering will always be a success because it will help you give a creative and personal touch to a space that looks simple.

The wall tile mosaic that we offer you at Anjasora has a wide variety of finishes, colors and textures that will make the walls of your home steal all eyes.

You also have the option of decorating the walls with mosaic, among which the mosaic for the living room wall stands out.

In this case, our favorite models are the Totem , the Le Chateu or the Flex 25/50 .

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decorative mosaic

The decorative mosaic is perfect if you want to give life and color to a corner of your home or if you want to cover a wall in spaces such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or bedrooms.

In the Anjasora catalog you will find a wide range of colored mosaic tiles such as the Guernica or Perla Dor model.

In the event that you are looking for an elegant mosaic, models such as the Enigma , the Coral, the Montblanc 21 , the Trajano Beige or the Valencia should be among your favorite candidates.

Mosaics for any environment

Mosaics are pieces that marry perfectly with any type of environment and design.

Although they have a strong personality, it is an element capable of blending in with the different decorative elements of the room.

As we have seen so far , the mosaic is applicable to any room in the home, but the latest trends in decoration are strongly committed to the mosaic for the kitchen and the mosaic for the bathroom.

You want to know more? Do not miss everything we have to tell you about the mosaics in these spaces.

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bathroom mosaic

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Kitchen mosaic

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