Kitchens with natural stone

Kitchen stone is a very traditional option. But this does not mean that kitchens with natural stone look old-fashioned. On the contrary, the latest trends in design and interior design are betting heavily on natural aesthetics, in which materials such as natural stone for kitchens play a very interesting role. Would you like to reform your kitchen and are you thinking of a kitchen with a stone wall? Below we will tell you everything you need to know about kitchens with natural stone.

Kitchens with natural stone

Characteristics of natural stone for kitchens

Kitchen stone is a high-quality material that offers numerous benefits for this room in the house.

It is a natural element widely used in construction due to its excellent characteristics, such as resistance, durability, impermeability and, of course, its ease of maintenance.

The kitchen is one of the most demanding spaces in the home. It is not only important that it has a beautiful, friendly and welcoming aesthetic, but also that it is functional.

Kitchen stone meets all these necessary requirements for this room, so opting for kitchens with natural stone will be a success.

Now that you know the advantages that natural stone can offer you in your kitchen, you would surely like to know everything about kitchens with natural stone.

Keep reading and we will tell you all the secrets of this precious material.

Uses of stone for kitchen

Natural stone is an ideal option to use in any type of kitchen , because it will help you give your kitchen a personal and original touch.

The most common thing in interior design is to see kitchens with stone walls. However, the latest trends in kitchens with natural stone offer diverse and innovative alternatives, applying stone for an integral kitchen.

In this way, you can opt for options such as stone for the kitchen countertop.

Kitchens with natural stone

cocinas con piedra natural

Kitchens with natural stone

cocinas con pared de piedra

Kitchens with natural stone

cocinas de piedra rústicas

Kitchens with natural stone

encimeras de cocina de piedra

Kitchens with natural stone

stone wall kitchens

A kitchen with a natural stone wall will achieve a rustic atmosphere with a natural touch.

In addition, a stone wall in the kitchen is a very simple option when it comes to combining it with the different elements and materials in the room, for example the furniture, the floors or the taps.

In the Anjasora catalog you can find models such as Gold Green by The Stones or the S. White , Indian Autumn models by Flextone that are ideal for kitchens with natural stone.

stone kitchen countertops

Natural stone kitchen countertops are the latest in kitchen design. Stone for kitchen countertops gives the space an atmosphere of strength and simplicity.

But this is not all, the latest trends focus on stone kitchen countertops because they not only offer excellent aesthetics but also great functionality.

Among our favorite models for stone kitchen countertops are the S.White in white or the Dusk Sprinkle by Flextone, with which you can play with the contrast and combine them with other materials and colours.

These options are also ideal for applying them in a kitchen with a stone island.

Kitchens with natural stone

Types of kitchens with natural stone

Each stone has its own personality and at Anjasora we know how important it is to reflect the taste and way of being in every corner of the home. Natural stone kitchens speak for themselves. The stone is an excellent option to capture your own personality with strong originality.

In our catalog we offer you a wide variety of options that will allow you to create a rustic stone kitchen, modern kitchens with stone walls or even stone kitchen bars.

Next we will talk about our favorite models. Do not miss it!

Kitchens with natural stone

Rustic stone kitchens

If you are an unconditional fan of rustic and natural designs, kitchens with natural stone will be your great ally in the reform project.

The variety of options that we offer you at Anjasora will allow you to create a rustic stone kitchen with warm and welcoming environments.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at the ST range in our catalogue. All options are highly recommended to apply in rustic stone kitchens. You won’t know why to tell you!

Kitchens with natural stone
Kitchens with natural stone

Modern kitchens with natural stone wall

When we think of stone as a decoration and design material, most of the time rustic environments come to mind.

But the excellent potential of stone in interior design will also allow us to create modern natural stone kitchens with stone walls.

Obtaining modern kitchens with stone walls is possible and at Anjasora we have the secret.

Thanks to the innovative Flextone range, flexible stone, from our catalog you can choose from a wide range of decorative stone for kitchens.

The Black Line , Cooper Haze , Indian Autumn , S, White or Dusk Sprinkle models are, without a doubt, some of our favorites for a kitchen with decorative stone.

Kitchen with natural stone bar

A kitchen with a stone bar is also a great bet to achieve a modern environment.

The cladding of this type of kitchen area is one of the most demanded trends for kitchens with natural stone.

Covering the kitchen bars with stone from our Dusk Sprinkle, S.White or Auburn models will be a success.

Kitchens with natural stone

Kitchen collections with natural stone