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One of the most popular types of flooring in recent years has been Floortape vinyl flooring . Being a versatile material, it is used in a wide variety of spaces, from commercial establishments to homes and workplaces.

Thanks to its technical and aesthetic properties, vinyl floors have become an ideal option for those who want to opt for a designer and functional flooring.

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What is vinyl flooring?

Floortape vinyl flooring is a kind of SPC vinyl flooring. This flooring is made of urethane with quartz, with an extra-rigid mineral core without plasticizers and orthophthalates.

It is especially durable thanks to the different layers it is made of and has extra resistance to heavy traffic, scratches and micro scratches and most importantly 100% waterproof.

This is an innovative material, while most waterproof flooring available is not warrantable for installation in rooms with large windows and lots of direct sunlight, Floortape is.

Floortape vinyl flooring is stable in high temperatures and the planks are strong enough to push against each other, firmly installed, in any room of your home.

Characteristics of vinyl floors

Professionals in the sector are betting more and more on versatile solutions that allow the creation of cutting-edge spaces in the shortest possible time. This translates into the introduction of vinyl flooring in interior design. The characteristics of vinyl flooring stand out for its many advantages over other more traditional coatings.

  • Floortape vinyl floors make the installation of the flooring quick and easy with the main objective of facilitating installation so that an ideal floor can be achieved with minimal effort, and in the shortest possible time with a single click.
  • Vinyl flooring adapts to all styles, as they are versatile floors that, in addition to being available in a wide range of colors, are resistant to scratches, stains and knocks.
  • Likewise, vinyl flooring is perfectly suitable for high-traffic areas of homes.
  • Thanks to the hard protective layer offered by the surface of this product, vinyl floors not only provide a pleasant appearance but are designed to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Floortape vinyl flooring improves hygiene and makes it easy to maintain a clean home.
  • The sealed surface prevents bacteria and helps reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals you need.
  • Enhanced quartz urethane coating.
  • Extra resistance to heavy traffic, scuffs and micro scratches.
  • Deeply structured decorative layer.
  • Extra stable and rigid.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Free of plasticizers and Ortho Phthalates.
  • Provides additional sound barrier and joint support.
  • Large installation areas without transitions.
  • Does not need acclimatization.
  • Extra rigid base – does not telegraph the small imperfections of the subfloor.
  • Installable directly over most hard surface subfloors.
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Vinyl flooring for any environment

Regardless of the style of the space, be it rustic or minimalist, finding the right vinyl flooring for each style will be an easy task.

Marble shower panels (900×2600mm formats), hydraulic floors collection, wood, natural wood sheet with Tight Lock Click system.

On the other hand, they are made of high-quality materials that will facilitate installation in any environment and will remain in very good condition for years.

Vinyl floors adapt to all tastes and designs , being one of the most sought after options among interior designers.

If you need more information about the versatility and guarantees of vinyl floors, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

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Office Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Floor Bedroom

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Living Room Vinyl Floor

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Bathroom Vinyl Floor

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Kitchen Vinyl Floor

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sistema de clasificacion floortape  - vinyl floor

The different floors are distributed by classes (numerically): Class 31,32,33… these indicate which floors must be used for each type of space. The product will do its job favorably (at least about 10 years) without exposing any problem if used in the type of designated space (provided it is installed and cared for as stipulated).

For laminate flooring, the corresponding standard is EN 13329, while for vinyl flooring a valid established standard is UNE – ENB ISO 10874: 2012

-EN649: glued floors
-EN16511: modular floating floors with click installation system




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