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One of the most popular types of flooring in recent years has been Floortape vinyl flooring . Being a versatile material, it is used in a wide variety of spaces, from commercial establishments to homes and workplaces.

Thanks to its technical and aesthetic properties, vinyl floors have become an ideal option for those who want to opt for a designer and functional flooring.

vinyl floor

What is vinyl flooring?

Floortape vinyl flooring is a kind of SPC vinyl flooring. This flooring is made of urethane with quartz, with an extra-rigid mineral core without plasticizers and orthophthalates.

It is especially durable thanks to the different layers it is made of and has extra resistance to heavy traffic, scratches and micro scratches and most importantly 100% waterproof.

This is an innovative material, while most waterproof flooring available is not warrantable for installation in rooms with large windows and lots of direct sunlight, Floortape is.

Floortape vinyl flooring is stable in high temperatures and the planks are strong enough to push against each other, firmly installed, in any room of your home.

Characteristics of vinyl floors

Professionals in the sector are betting more and more on versatile solutions that allow the creation of cutting-edge spaces in the shortest possible time. This translates into the introduction of vinyl flooring in interior design. The characteristics of vinyl flooring stand out for its many advantages over other more traditional coatings.

  • Floortape vinyl floors make the installation of the flooring quick and easy with the main objective of facilitating installation so that an ideal floor can be achieved with minimal effort, and in the shortest possible time with a single click.
  • Vinyl flooring adapts to all styles, as they are versatile floors that, in addition to being available in a wide range of colors, are resistant to scratches, stains and knocks.
  • Likewise, vinyl flooring is perfectly suitable for high-traffic areas of homes.
  • Thanks to the hard protective layer offered by the surface of this product, vinyl floors not only provide a pleasant appearance but are designed to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Floortape vinyl flooring improves hygiene and makes it easy to maintain a clean home.
  • The sealed surface prevents bacteria and helps reduce the amount of cleaning chemicals you need.
  • Enhanced quartz urethane coating.
  • Extra resistance to heavy traffic, scuffs and micro scratches.
  • Deeply structured decorative layer.
  • Extra stable and rigid.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Free of plasticizers and Ortho Phthalates.
  • Provides additional sound barrier and joint support.
  • Large installation areas without transitions.
  • Does not need acclimatization.
  • Extra rigid base – does not telegraph the small imperfections of the subfloor.
  • Installable directly over most hard surface subfloors.
vinyl floor

suelo vinílico

vinyl floor


vinyl floor

suelo vinílico

vinyl floor

suelo vinílico

vinyl floor

suelo vinílico

vinyl floor

suelo vinílico

Vinyl flooring for any environment

Regardless of the style of the space, be it rustic or minimalist, finding the right vinyl flooring for each style will be an easy task.

Marble shower panels (900×2600mm formats), hydraulic floors collection, wood, natural wood sheet with Tight Lock Click system.

On the other hand, they are made of high-quality materials that will facilitate installation in any environment and will remain in very good condition for years.

Vinyl floors adapt to all tastes and designs , being one of the most sought after options among interior designers.

If you need more information about the versatility and guarantees of vinyl floors, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

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vinyl floor


vinyl floor

The different floors are distributed by classes (numerically): Class 31,32,33… these indicate which floors must be used for each type of space. The product will do its job favorably (at least about 10 years) without exposing any problem if used in the type of designated space (provided it is installed and cared for as stipulated).

For laminate flooring, the corresponding standard is EN 13329, while for vinyl flooring a valid established standard is UNE – ENB ISO 10874: 2012

-EN649: glued floors
-EN16511: modular floating floors with click installation system

FloorTape vinyl floors are highly resistant to water, therefore they are suitable for use in humid spaces such as the bathroom, although it is not recommended to use them in other spaces such as steam rooms or saunas (which are extremely humid).

FloorTape vinyl flooring can be used with heating systems, for this it is necessary to use a layer of FOAM COMFORT PREMIUM HD FloorTape that is suitable and follow the installation instructions for underfloor heating and cooling. We recommend contacting the supplier with any questions.

The subfloor is very important for the correct installation due to its preparation and quality. In the event that the subfloor is not suitable for the installation of Click de FloorTape, the necessary measures must be taken.


The floor covering must be completely removed in the case of glued subfloors as it is not recommended to notice any signs of insect or mold infestation. It must be ensured that the floor is level, placing a leveling or leveling compound (also fixing the loose or raised parts), in this way a smooth and porous floor will be obtained, so that the glue adheres.

In the event that the installation is developed on a wooden subfloor, the wood must not have a moisture content greater than 10% and the space below it must be completely dry and ventilated (ventilation openings of 4cm2 for each m2 of floor ). At least 6mm of plywood should be used to cover the panels.

The fixing will be done with nails with ringed shaft in the form of a grid, 75mm around the perimeter and 150mm in the center.


The subfloor must be well fixed and stable for floating floors (cannot be soft or damaged)

· Unsuitable floor coverings: carpet, padded vinyl. Felt, parquet and floating laminate… etc
· Suitable coverings: ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, PVC, parquet and glued laminate, fixed wood panels… etc.
· It is mandatory to use a polyethylene film to prevent migration, it does not have to be removed: rolled PVC, glued linoleum and glued oiled parquet.

If it is an installation on a wooden subfloor, it is necessary to remove the entire floor covering. There should be no sign of mold or insect infestation. It is necessary to ensure that the subfloor is level and the loose parts fixed, for this it is necessary to use a leveling board to obtain an adequate preparation of the subfloor (the leveling panels must be fixed with 30 cm space screws yes.

In the event that the installation is developed on a wooden subfloor, the wood must not have a moisture content greater than 10% and the space below it must be completely dry and ventilated (ventilation openings of 4cm2 for each m2 of floor ). At least 6mm of plywood should be used to cover the panels.

The fixing will be done with nails with ringed shank in the form of a grid, 75mm around the perimeter and 150mm in the center

Although FloorTape vinyl tiles can be installed in any area, it is not recommended to install them in extremely humid areas (swimming pools, saunas, showers…), as moisture can enter through the bevels, although FloorTape vinyl sheets are water resistant

After extensive testing, FloorTape has been found to offer the best dimensional stability on the market, however it is recommended to use a SUN/HEAT underlayment in conservatories and areas near south facing windows.

Si se puede, in collaboration with Mapei, which allows FloorTape to offer proven vinyl solutions in a wide range of floor and wall covering applications.

Requirements and tips

Substrate must be dry and dust free
A suitable adhesive must be used for all wall installations (Eco MS 4 LVT/wall, Mapei Ultrabond…)
The glue must be spread evenly over the wall to avoid the appearance of bubbles, since vinyl is a very flexible product.
If the walls on which the vinyl is installed are in wet areas, a joint sealer (Mapei Mapecoat 4LVT) must be used.
Make sure the walls are firm and stable

Any of the Glee + ranges is compatible with the installation (as they do not have a click system and weigh less).

Vinyl mass:

For 4.5mm thickness with click: +- 7.6kg/m2

FLOORTAPE can be installed in homes without temperature control when proper installation precautions are taken and under the following conditions:

FLOORTAPE installation requirements must be met.
2. Crawl spaces must be enclosed and ventilated and meet all requirements, and work site conditions must be correct.
3. Floor insulation in the crawl space is recommended.
4. Temperatures should remain above -15° C and below 60° C.

It is recommended to use the blades and cutting tools offered by FloorTape as these do not bend under pressure and the concave blades prevent the blade from getting caught in the floor structure.

More complex patterns can be cut with a vertical saw. For this, protective gloves must be used when cutting the tiles.

Yes, because liquids can seep through the bezel. Although, if water falls in environments that are not excessively humid, such as the bathroom or the kitchen, the floor will not suffer any damage. It is recommended that you avoid cleaning vinyl floors with excessive amounts of water and ensure that the liquid does not remain on the floor for too long.


Yes it can be used, but with caution as not all underlays are suitable for vinyl floors. If there are problems with the subfloor layers that are not in optimal conditions for use, the guarantee is void.

Benefits of a FLOORTAPE underlayment:

Helps to avoid irregularities and levels the floor
Reduces impact sounds up to 16Db
It is smooth
It is suitable for use with underfloor heating or cooling
Removes dust and other particles under the floor
· Its density and thickness are adequate.

The underlays are very important in the installation, that is why it is recommended to use specific LVT underlays as it is designed specifically for vinyl flooring.


It can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth, a conventional broom, a damp mop or a vacuum cleaner. It is recommended:

· Use the cleaning product FloorTape Clean (others can damage the floor)
Do not use cleaning products that are aggressive
Do not leave water or other liquid on the floor for a long period of time

Thanks to the protective vinyl floor covering, no special treatment will be required after installation.

The floors have a protective coating resistant to wear and scratches. Still, it may be damaged or scratched by some sharp objects, so some measures are recommended:

The use of matting (to reduce the entry of sharp particles)
· Have proper protection on the legs of furniture and use chairs with soft wheels.
· The vacuum cleaner must not have wheels that are damaged or too hard.

While other similar floors are not guaranteed to scratch or fade, FLOORTAPE incorporates a medium-grain texture and a thick wear layer for durability. We guarantee that FLOORTAPE will not stain due to stains from your pets (domestic cats or dogs), including urine, feces or vomit, assuming it is cleaned within 24 hours.

FLOORTAPE flooring can be used in homes where wheelchairs are needed, but FLOORTAPE should not be used on ramps. We recommend that the joints be glued when motorized chairs are to be used on it.

Very few: a room with a floor drain, a sump pump, or one that is exposed to the elements (such as outdoors or in saunas). Although 100% waterproof, FLOORTAPE should also not be installed in areas prone to flooding, as water can seep through the bevels.

We recommend that you make sure your initial flooring purchase includes several additional FLOORTAPE planks in case one of them needs to be replaced. Follow these steps to remove and replace a damaged board:

– Use a circular saw to make several cuts in the board to be removed. Be sure to use the correct saw blade depth and protect the surrounding boards.

– Use a chisel to break and carefully remove the part of the board to be removed. Clean all dirt and dust.

– Cut the groove on the long side and the short side of the new board to be installed.

– Apply a strip of adhesive to the long and short side tongue of the existing boards that will receive the new boards.

– Carefully place the new planks in position and remove excess glue immediately with a damp cloth.


Top layer helps repel dirt and stains. It is waterproof and can be easily cleaned, so the plates are always kept in perfect condition.

The golden rules for cleaning vinyl floors

· It must be cleaned with an adequate amount of water, since if the floor is continuously exposed to large amounts of water it will end up deteriorating.
· The mop to clean it is not recommended if it is too soaked (moisture must be prevented from penetrating the vinyl floor covering)

The use of residential steam mops is permitted on this product. Use at the lowest power setting with a suitable soft pad, and do not hold a steam mop in one place for an extended period of time (more than 5 minutes). Refer to the steam mop manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.

No, it resists stains, is easy to clean and does not require waxing. Wax is not compatible with this product and the use of wax will void the warranty.

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